Top 7 proven meal that's help to shine teeth

Top 7 proven meal that's help to shineing human teeth

Want to have a good smile for bright teeth.  There are some foods, which make the teeth brighter;  And some food stains for food.

 Drinking, excess tea, coffee, lack of personal hygiene and smoking caused the loss of dental color.  Reader's Digest has named seven fine dental foods.

 Broccoli, cauliflower

 We can get such benefits from vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, if eaten in a lightly seasoned state.  The more they chew, the more the amount of saliva in the mouth increases.  And the stains are easily removed.


Strawberries contain malic acid, which helps turn sugar into muscle for muscle.  This acid also helps in removing toothache.  This is why it is important for dental health.  Apart from strawberries, this acid is also present in apples, cherries, bananas, peaches and litchi.

 Cheese and yogurt

Dairy products add extra redness to the mouth of cheese and yogurt, eliminating the spots on the enamel.  Besides, lactic acid in cheese also removes tooth stains.

 Seeds and nuts

Sunflower seeds, toothpicks, walnuts and almonds have teeth whitening teeth.


Pineapple contains a type of enzyme called bromelain.  This enzyme breaks down the protein on the enamel, removes stains and prevents tooth decay.  And when the protein is crushed, the saliva of the face naturally clears the spots.


Onion sulfur does not allow plaque to form between the tooth and between the two teeth.  However, to get its benefits, not on cooking, you will have to eat raw onions.

 Celery, carrots

Celery and carrots contain antimicrobial water content, which strengthens the gum of the mouth and drains out the residue from the mouth.  And raw celery works for scrubbing teeth.

Experts suggest that certain foods that cause toothache to be removed from everyday life.

 Acid drink

 Caffeine has a detrimental effect on teeth.  Acidic drinks like tea, coffee and soda change the pH balance of the mouth and destroy the upper part of the enamel.  Soda contains high levels of sugar, which actually makes holes in the tooth enamel.

If you cannot eliminate these drinks, you should drink plenty of water immediately after taking them.  Then the inside of the mouth becomes clean.

 Red wine

The dark color of the wine causes black spots on the teeth.  The way to get rid of it is to eat a piece of cheese.

 Dark dressing

Darker dressings, such as balsamic vinegar, sauces are often used to enhance the taste of food (especially in salads).  It has stains on the teeth.  As an alternative, rice vinegar or olive oil can be used.

 Red sauce

The tomato sauce, due to its excessive redness and its acidic level naturally, causes it to stain.  Therefore, if you eat pasta, adding broccoli or cauliflower with sauce can protect the teeth.

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