The reason for not having muscle despite exercise

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There may be various reasons for not having muscle despite exercise.

Creating a muscular body is not an easy task.  That is why I want hard work and perseverance, which is difficult and time-consuming.  Some will say to control eating, others will say 'take supplements'.  However, it is not guaranteed that the body will work.  There are also some other issues that can reduce or stop the growth of muscle mass.
 The report is based on a report published on an exercise-related website.

Avoiding the chance of muscle loss: Many exercisers make this mistake.  It is good to have a love for bodybuilding, but if you want a good body, muscle relaxation.  The loss of mass during exercise should be given full opportunity.  Therefore, it is necessary to rest for a couple of days after heavy exercise.  Again, not every muscle should be focused every day.  One day you have to work on the muscles of each part of the body.

Not exercising properly: If any exercise is not done properly, the target muscle will not be affected properly.  Therefore, you should be careful not to pay attention to how much you can pay when giving a public bookcase.  Inaccurate 100 bookdone will not be profitable, compared to 10 bookdone correctly if you can profit.

Protein Deficiency: Protein intake is important during muscle formation.  Failure to provide enough protein to the body in conjunction with exercise will stop muscle growth.  Protein should be taken at 0.4 grams for every two kg at the desired weight.  And in addition to erosion, if you want to build muscle, its dose should be increased to 0.3 grams.

Get enough water: Water is needed for both weight loss and muscle formation.  Dehydration is enough to turn all efforts into scholarship.  Because muscle cells cannot utilize protein if they do not get enough water.  Besides, the level of eating increased due to anemia.

Adequate sleep: Even if the body does not change even after hard work, your sleep needs may not be met.  Because while sleeping, the muscle has a chance of damaging it.  So if sleep is not enough, this process will be incomplete.  For this, you need to ensure seven to eight hours of sleep every day.

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