Not only juice, lemon peel is also benefits for health

Everyone likes to eat lemon. Research says lemon juice is beneficial to health as well as lemon peel. How are you thinking Lemon juice can be consumed either, but how to eat sour? 

Let's find out what are the benefits of lemon peel -

1.The lemon peel contains vitamin C and citric acid. It helps prevent multiple diseases, including gingivitis, from bleeding teeth.

2. Citrus bio-flavonoid contains lemon peel. Which helps reduce stress.

2. The lemon peel is very beneficial for enhancing the beauty of the skin. Because lemon zest contains antioxidants. Which removes the toxins from the skin.

4. The lemon zest contains salvastrol Q40 and limnence. Which destroys cancer cells. It also reduces the incidence of bacterial and fungal infections.

5. Regularly eating lemon peel increases the levels of citric acid in the body. As a result, the kidneys are less likely to become stones. 

6. Lemon peel contains an ingredient called pectin, which burns body fat.

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