Food adulteration destroyed a healthy health


Food adulteration save your body health

What is food adulteration?

Food adulteration means mixing adulterants with food. In another words, when a substance is added to food and make it impure of harmful, it is called food adulteration.

How is food adulterated?

According to the survey, milk, milk product, fish, fruits, vegetables and various-food items are adulterated in various ways.
 Different types of adulterants— chemieal substance:

  • DDT, 
  • Aldrin, 
  • Heptachlor etc.
Are used in food and thus food is  adulterated. Besides. rotten food, toxic chemicals, preservatives etc. are mixed with food and food is adulterated.

Who are responsible for food adulteration?

Truly speaking, the act of food adulteration is intentional.Some dishonest producers and businessmen want to earn more money by mixing harmful substances with food.

What is is the impact of adulterated food in our body?

Food adulteration creates a negative impact on our body and brings various health hazards.Adulterated foods are Causing Serious problems in health including :

  • diarrhoea.
  • dysentery,
  • kidney failure, 
  • heart disease, 
  • gallbadder infection etc.
Even, regular intake of adulterated food may lead to death.

What can be done to stop it?

To stop food adulteration, an all— Out effort must be taken. Better monitoring and supervision in production, transportation, Wholesale and retail trade level should be taken.

 At the same time, public awareness is mandatory for stopping food adulteration.
 Recently govt has set mobile courts to stop food adulteration. Above all, both the govt and public have to Work together in order to eradicate this problem. 

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