Vitamin C Protect coronavirus or covid19? True or false?

Can vitamin c Protect against Coronavirus Infections? Covid19
Can Vitamin C Protect Against Coronavirus Infections?  Strong practice has been going on on social media since the beginning of the outbreak of corona.  But in a word, the answer to this question is - no.  Why not just, there is no evidence that vitamin C can prevent any infection.  However, it is true that vitamin C boosts the body's immune system.

So why do people say vitamin C can prevent corona?  There are basically two reasons for this.  First of all, many people think that vitamin C has a role in preventing the flu.  Although the idea is not correct.  This is because vitamin C does not prevent the spread of the common flu virus.  Helps to reduce the incidence of the disease.  It also helps to reduce the duration of suffering.  Since Covid 19 is also a type of flu, people are starting to think that it can be prevented by taking vitamin C well.  But this idea has no basis.

This is further compounded by an article in the Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases by the Shanghai Medical Association, in which scientists say that if a hospitalized patient with Cavid-19 is given high doses of vitamin C, intravenously, his lung function may increase slightly.  There is.  And it may reduce the need for artificial respirators and ventilators.  Do you know how much this means?

According to a review study, her need to stay in the critical care unit could be reduced by 6 percent.  And the need for ventilator can be reduced by 16 percent.  However, all this is at the stage of clinical trial.  In other words, if you treat with vitamin C, how much work will actually be done, about the experiment.

Another study found that intravenous intake of vitamin C may reduce the incidence of pneumonia in swine flu and other viral infections.  This studio is also in the clinical trial stage.  That is, after the animal is now being applied to the human body to check its good and bad.  However, research has not yet been done on whether it will work the same way in the case of covid.

Include foods rich in vitamin C in your diet :

So there is no reason to eat a lot of vitamin C in such a situation.  Because notice, the research paper did not mention eating.  It has been said to be given intravenously.  That too to the hospitalized patient.  So you must eat vitamin C.  But in moderation.  If you play too much, it will pass out through the urine.  Conversely the stomach can be bad.

How much vitamin C and why :

An adult needs 90 mg of vitamin C a day as part of a balanced diet.  If you are a smoker or breastfeeding your baby, you need 30-35 mg more.  However, there is nothing to stress about Otuku Vitamin C.  Eating a medium orange satisfies 6 percent of the need.  There is no point in eating a cup of cooked broccoli.  There is more than is needed.  About 110 percent.  But that's not all.  You will also eat other vegetables and fruits.  Vitamin C is present in all of them.

Let me give you a small calculation

Eat only one raw chilli in the rice leaves, you will get 121 percent.  If you play a guava, you will get 140 percent.  If you have a habit of eating lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning, 90 percent of your daily needs will come from there.  So there is no need to think differently about vitamin C.  Otukutei your immune system will remain intact, with the help of which you will fight in this difficult time.  There will be less tendency of inflammation in the body.

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