8 Foods that help to reduce tension naturally

Strange to say. Can food relieve tension or worry? Really so. There are some foods, which will help to relieve tension by strengthening the mind as well as the mind when playing.

8 Foods that help to reduce tension naturally

Every person suffers from less stress due to work stress, family stress, demand stress, strained relationships, social problems etc. None of us value the slightest stress.

But if the stress becomes excessive, it can be a cause of a serious illness. According to psychologists and health experts, the better it is to stay away from stress.

In this regard, Selina Badruddin, chief dietitian at the capital's Gendaria Azgar Ali Hospital, said that the creator gave people problems and also gave them ways to solve problems. People can live healthy, healthy lives only if they keep their eyes open and obey the rules of health. When people suffer from tension, the body becomes diseased. As a result, both the mind and body continue to get worse. Let us focus on how to keep body and mind healthy, eat tension and get rid of tension.

Dark chocolate  

One and half ounces of dark chocolate is able to reduce tension and tension-causing hormones significantly. It also has elements of coping with tension, frustration, resentment and exhaustion. The same benefit can be found in a glass of chocolate milk.

Wood nuts 

Fighting depression another effective food is woodpecker. It is rich in vitamins, healthy oils and minerals. Minerals affect all types of energy. Caffeine is very effective in boosting performance, controlling hormone-causing hormones, and reducing blood pressure levels.


Breakfast eggs, very dear. The protein contained in it fights against depression. Eliminates body fatigue. So you can eat one egg every day.


If you are suffering from depression, eat 2 to 3 bananas. Bananas contain a large amount of trifonin which increases the energy label in the body.

Green Tea

Green Tea is very effective in reducing tension. The amino acids and antioxidants contained in the green tea naturally reduce tension. This drink can spread a feeling of calmness in the body and mind. People who drink green tea daily are more likely to stay healthy and less likely to suffer tension. If you do not like green tea, black tea can be eaten. Green tea is also very useful for smokers and alcoholics.

Salmon fish 

Salmon is well known for fish health and is a significant source of protein. It is also effective in relieving mental stress. It contains the ingredients needed to increase serotonin levels in the brain, which helps relieve stress. Eating these fish every week is good for a healthy lifestyle. Other healthy oily fish such as tuna, sardines, mackerel can also be eaten.


Orange contains lots of vitamin C, which increases the body's immunity and relieves mental stress. This vitamin also fights against the harmful 'free radicals' spreading in the body due to tension.


Vegetables are rich in vitamins A, C and B. Which is needed for good health. It also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium which reduce the amount of hormone that causes tension in the body. One cup of spinach daily is capable of reducing mental stress and bringing about mental stability at a remarkable rate. It can be eaten raw or cooked both ways.

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